The CAF and other militaries around the world invest in leadership training - true leadership training. We want to share that with the private sector.

The theory of leadership is one thing. Its practical application is another. Whether it's business as usual or a corporate crisis, your people count on you. Will you be up to it when things go "pear shaped"? Poor leadership is bad for business.

Pathfinder will help you to be a better leader - the leader you want to be; the leader you can be.

Our experiential process will challenge you and highlight both your strengths and limitations as a leader. And we will be there beside you throughout. We will be there to mentor you because your success is critical - to us as a business, you as a person, your firm's bottom line, and to society.

We have a background in both military leadership and corporate leadership

After our founders, Larry and John, graduated from Harvard and Ivey respectively with MBAs in the 1980s, they discovered that academia wasn't providing the practical leadership experience that proves a person's mettle. Their experiences in the private sector confirmed that there was room to improve how corporations trained and assessed leaders. Dave and Paul joined the team after completing their military service and earning MBAs from Ivey in 2016.

Pathfinder sought out some of the most accomplished leaders from the CAF's special operations and light infantry community to round out the team.

From major combat operations in Afghanistan, hostage rescue missions, and other covert tasks, the team has seen it all and agrees that the one essential component to mission success is leadership. Positive leadership, not just hierarchical, top-down command and control. Commanding people will only get you so far. Leading them takes you to the finish line.

Our leadership development and team building programs will challenge you mentally and physically. We won't break you, but we Will bend you. This is NOt "boot camp" or "SEALFit". This is leadership training at its core and at its finest.