Dynamic Team Building

Three hour team building events including events, races, and a final debriefing for up to 120 candidates.

Immersive Leadership Experience

72 hour executive offering to include lectures and classes, a keynote speaker, and a business attire final 'mess dinner'. Participants will receive individual mentorship and a character leadership report card. Included is a nearly continuous 48 hours of high stress, demanding circumstances and personal introspective designed to bend you but not break you. This will be a great opportunity to network with other high potential and high performance individuals as well as to test your own abilities. Minimum of 15 candidates required.

Full Day Intense Team Building Introduction

Twelve hour small group events and tasks with mentor support for approximately 40 candidates.

Leadership Under Fire

Marque offering only available to business schools at this time. Based on the Special Forces selection model and Business School practices,  this 96 hour event will provide a transformative and deeply personal experience in an intensely built calendar. Candidates will receive at least three assessed leadership roles and conduct all tasks as a group and austere and stressful conditions. The focus is to build candidates to levels they have yet to realize. Minimum of 35 candidates required.


War CAbinet

An alternative to big consulting services, we will provide one to one coaching from one of our advisors or advisor groups to solve leadership and team dynamic challenges.



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